Kenfig Burrows aka Sker Beach


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Kenfig Burrows aka Sker Beach
Lat: 51.514053
Long: -3.753278
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This is one of my favourite beaches for nude bathing and swimming.
I've walked virtually the full length nude with my dog and provided your considerate to the occasional textile you might meet never had a problem.
Dave 57 | 14-08-2022
Recently discovered this beach and loved how huge and quiet it is. Went a little way down but would go further next time. Was my first experience going nude and I loved it. Saw one other person walking around nude which helped give me the confidence to do it!
NC | 09-08-2022
First time going nude on a beach and it was so exhilarating. Fairly quiet so it was an easy break in. A few walkers, people fishing and they didn't bat an eyelid. Walked most of the way down the beach with just my rucksack on and I felt so alive. Will definitely be visiting again.
Paul | 11-07-2022
Really enjoyed my visit to Sker Beach today, i walked from Sker Point to the river and back in just my walking boots. One textile guy came past on his bike but aparr from that, i was all alone untill i got bsck to Sker point where there were some surfers. Well worth the initial walk to the beach
Rob | 27-06-2022
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This was the first time I have ever tried going nude in public and I absolutely loved it.
The beach was extremely quiet apart from a few dog walkers.
I am going again this Friday if anyone is interested?
Rich, 41
Rich | 14-06-2022
Beautiful and was very busy I found more people in the dunes opposite the sinking ship and some in little self made huts on the way to the sinking ship mixed amount of people and clearly very popular directions So you arrive to the car park and you walk down past the building follow the path for 5minutes then you come to point 5 where you can cut right through the grass for 10 min and come out by point 10 continue walking for 5min and you to the “cross paths” turn right towards the steel works down the track for 15minutes past point 15 and you will see a gate with a sign “sheepshading “advertisement on it continue to the next gate and bang your in the centre of it walk to the beach and get nude. There were about 40 people in total 3men to 1woman few couples. It’s clear the nudists are towards the top and I had an eye opener further towards the steel works in the dunes but all eventful and nice people. I would say the walk takes 35min take plenty of water on a nice day.
Gjones | 05-09-2021
Quite a walk from the car park at the nature reserve, but it was worth it. We turned right when we reached the lifeguard hut and walked about a mile along the beach in line with the pebble ridge.
There were quite a few couples and single men there, all unclothed and it was so nice to lie in the sun.
Unfortunately we got lost walking back to the car park through the dunes, so it took us a while.
Sharon Tyner | 18-07-2021
Had a relaxing couple of hours here yesterday.only a few people there and only less than ten walking on the beach
jeffrey thomas williams | 20-05-2021

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