Whiteford Sands

I had a great day out at Whitford. I stripped off as soon as i reached the dunes, the feel of sea air on my naked body was fantastic......
There were others about, but they didnt seem to worry about me..........
Phil Davies | 02-12-2020

Morfa Dyffryn

I have been several times. It is one of the best beaches that I have come across. The walk from where we camped took about 15 minutes. We went, in theory for the GB Skinny Dip, which was cancelled when we went, though by the time we got there the weather.....
Rod Griffiths | 01-09-2020

Morfa Dyffryn

We had been driving around looking for the naturist campsite and couldn't find it. We gave up and found a beautiful walled campsite and settled in. The next day I walked to the entrance of the walled part to see what it was and there was the naturist.....
Grace Opperman | 25-08-2020

Fairlight Glen

I decided to have a go at being a naturist last Sunday 16th on August and chose fiarlight glen to have my first experience. Now I'm well and truly hooked look for places to go for my next adventure
MR GAVIN J FRAPE | 17-08-2020

Marros Beach and Walk and Telpyn Beach

Returned to Marros Beach in early August on a sunny weekend.
Some families were in the centre part of the beach - right next to the pathway back to Marros Church. It is a very long beach and by going to the right, I was easily far enough away to be able.....
Norman V | 13-08-2020

Whiteford Sands

Parking is easy at Llanmadoc. At the small junction by the church, take the right-hand lane and park in the field with the honesty box.
Turn right out of the car park and follow the signs to the beach - once off the lane, there is a sign to the right.....
Norman V | 06-08-2020

Marros Beach and Walk and Telpyn Beach

Although quite a walk from the car park at Marros Church - 20 minutes or so down to the beach and 30 minutes back (uphill) - this is a beautiful beach with masses of space and very few people.
I visited on a sunny weekday in late July 2020 and had most.....
Norman V | 05-08-2020

Budleigh Salterton (West End)

I live very close to Budleigh so lucky enough to use it a lot, its fairly easy to get to if your able bodied as its a few steps to get down on to the beach via steamer steps and then a fairly short walk along to the naturist section, officially the naturist.....
Shaun Hutchings | 12-07-2020

Cefn Sidan aka Pembrey Beach and Walk

Hell of a walk from the car parks, turn right on the beach about 2 miles to rock outcrop/old breakwater. signs warn 'No beach nudity!!' Dunes now eroded and impassible, all overgrown- so no walks through or hideaway spots any more, all on the beach which.....
Dunehunter | 12-07-2020

Morfa Dyffryn

Great but the dunes are steep and exhausting, dolphins occasionally visit and I thought I'd go swim with them, but once in deep water started thinking that these were wild animals, and bigger and better swimmers than me, so bugger that. Pity it's so far from South Wales
Dunehunter | 12-07-2020

Monknash and Wick

A long walk from Wick, Monknash after you .park in the farmer's field down the lane from the Plough and Harrow pub.The layby about a mile away in the lane is dodgy, I had my wife's car broken into there once, No access at high tides so check them first......
Dunehunter | 12-07-2020

Morfa Dyffryn

It has a long beach exceptionally clean, great to just sit and watch the world go by or take a walk in the sea. I have been many times looking forward to returning.
It is a good 10min walk from the main carpark (Turn right onto the beach Barmouth.....
NorthernSoul45 | 03-07-2020

Fairlight Glen

Great mix of people this year with afew textiles also. Signed as a clothing optional beach ... park between mill lane and martineau lane on the country park carpark/toilets and walk straight down and then off to your right around the houses.. basically.....
Birty | 19-06-2020

Fairlight Glen

This a great beach. Isolated and rugged and a real sum trap. So nice to be able to walk extensively along the beach totally nude and not in sight of coastal path. I usually walk from Hastings station over east hill. Then down Ecclesbourne Glen over the.....
SlimJim | 03-06-2020

Leysdown East

Known locally as Shellness naturist beach, this beach is an officially recognized naturist beach.
The beach itself is made up of sand and shells. The dunes offer some protection from the wind. A good mix of male and female users. Free parking 100ft.....
Ian Clarke | 27-05-2020

Cayton Bay

be it difficult to access a nice spot when quite with loads of space good at the end of the day at the north end .
Guiseley Lad | 13-04-2020

Ringstead Bay

Excellent naturist location. Uncrowded, friendly, relaxing.
Martin | 28-12-2019

Corton Beach

Easy access and free parking! How often do you hear that about naturist beaches?
Ok, Corton may not be the prettiest of naturist spots but the majority of naturists who use it (and I count myself as one!) are friendly and well behaved. The beach is course.....
Freddie Silver | 05-11-2019

Morfa Dyffryn

Went there on Bank Holiday sunday
Tony stimpson | 28-08-2019

Cleat's Shore

Quiet,sheltered , peaceful . Was here for 3 days and saw a dozen people.
Hugh Mclean | 17-08-2019


Bit of a climb but well worth it
Peter Connolly | 30-07-2019

Budleigh Salterton (West End)

A beautiful free and easy beach
Peter Connolly | 30-07-2019

Holkham Beach

It's huge! But it takes a long time to walk there, and the car parking can be quite difficult in high season. Basically, you park and walk down Queen Anne's Drive until you meet the path that goes parallel to the sea behind the dune system. Turn left.....
Danny D | 18-03-2019

Fairlight Glen

We use it regularly for nude recreation as we are locals. It is a 25 min walk through a country park and woods from the nearest parking spots. There are very few paths down from the cliffs that back the beach so once you are there it is possible to be.....
Nik | 08-01-2019

Studland Bay

Park at the side of the ferry road near the bus stop, about 1km from the ferry toll booth. Walk east through the gate at the bus stop. It's about a 20 minute walk along the fire road to the beach. At the warning sign the path rises to the top of the dunes......
Steven Murray | 27-04-2018

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