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Brilliant beach with stunning views, bit of of a walk from base at shell island but we'll worth it, take all you need with you a just chill, me and the Mrs found a nice spot by the naturist warning sign .A couple settled just up from us and as the day went by some more couples and a elderly lady stripped off and enjoyed the freedom to. We had a oggler who appeared with a pushbike, he lent it against the nudist beach sign and decided to walk past us all playing with himself ,he walked up and down before departing, then a mere cat in just a red cap decided to stand on the dunes behind us and play with him self to,some dirty old men spoiling it for genuine naturists, next day we went back same chap with red cap decided to do same and for the next 5 days, such a beutiful beach such friendly genuine naturists having it spoiled by old pervie men, all in all a wonderful time off freedom and just wearing what we was born in ????????????
BillyBun | 12-06-2024
Is there still a nudist camp site here ?
Gary Tinsley | 19-04-2024
Amazing nudist beach ?? great for beach activities and sun bathing naked to just chill
Michael | 13-01-2024
My husband and I have enjoyed visiting this beautiful beach many times over the last 20 years, but sadly in recent times the experience has been spoilt by our being approached by single males who have suggested that we may like to join sexual activities in the sand dunes. This has been when we are relaxing on the beach and they stop to chat as they walk past. I do not want to be harassed in this way, but just want to enjoy a relaxed time, sunbathing and swimming. I no longer feel happy going to the naturist area of Morfa Dyffryn.
BB | 21-07-2022
Visit regularly, have a caravan a couple miles away, long walk to naturist beach passed the textiles, which is not to much of a problem, just make sure you take liquids with you !! Once at the naturist beach the dunes are often populated mainly by males, a few couples and occasionally families, though they tend to stay nearer the textile area.
Great place to unwind strip off and be with friendly people! Will be back asap!!
Darren | 01-11-2021
It is a fantastic beach, lots of space and friendly folk. We go every year with our young family and really enjoy our time there.
The hardest part is the long walk to the naturist section and then the even hard walk back to the car ????
If you venture into the dunes, be careful as I have stumbled on several groups using it for a porn film location and general sex ???? on both occasions this has happened, I’ve had my kids with me!
This has not stopped us going though, we are just very careful where we go and if we go into the dunes.
SunSeeker | 05-09-2021
I remember going there years ago camping at shell island.the weather was great and sunny and me and Sally went for a walk along the beach and walked in to the area which had naked people all enjoying themselves, playing badminton and throwing didn't take long before we stripped off and spent many hours enjoying ourselves.loved the sun and breeze on my naked body and have been hooked ever since.wonderful experience i recommend everyone should try it at least once.
Looking forward to some good weather and getting naked in the garden.
philip westwood | 19-06-2021
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I have been several times. It is one of the best beaches that I have come across. The walk from where we camped took about 15 minutes. We went, in theory for the GB Skinny Dip, which was cancelled when we went, though by the time we got there the weather was good. The previous month it was even better. If it wasn't for the lockdown, shielding and all that, we would have gone again this year.
Rod Griffiths | 01-09-2020
We had been driving around looking for the naturist campsite and couldn't find it. We gave up and found a beautiful walled campsite and settled in. The next day I walked to the entrance of the walled part to see what it was and there was the naturist campsite right beside us! We didn't go in and decided to stay were we had already set up. The beach was a bit of a walk and the naturist part of the beach but even further but well worth the walk as there were very few people around. The beach was amazing and went on for miles. Hoping we might get back there in September if the sunshine is still with us. If you haven't tired the naturist beach or are a bit shy, I do encourage you to try it. It's very liberating to sunbath naked and have a little stroll to the water but it's very cold unfortunately!
Grace Opperman | 25-08-2020
Great but the dunes are steep and exhausting, dolphins occasionally visit and I thought I'd go swim with them, but once in deep water started thinking that these were wild animals, and bigger and better swimmers than me, so bugger that. Pity it's so far from South Wales
Dunehunter | 12-07-2020
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It has a long beach exceptionally clean, great to just sit and watch the world go by or take a walk in the sea. I have been many times looking forward to returning.
It is a good 10min walk from the main carpark (Turn right onto the beach Barmouth end or Left from Shell Island end) well worth the walk.
Lots of room for everyone great for your first time with no crowds.
NorthernSoul45 | 03-07-2020
Went there on Bank Holiday sunday
Tony stimpson | 28-08-2019

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