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Not an oficial nude beach, but nontheless this is an amazing beach for going naked. It actually is in two parts, one beach to the east of Lavernock Point heading towards Penarth and one to the west heading towards St Marys Well Bay. The beaches are accessable at low tide, and at mid to low tide the western part of beach is great for swimming as the sand is exposed. But be aware of the tides and the cross shore current which can be strong.

The western beach is much busier (although "busy" is a relative term) and can often have 10-20 textiles wandering, fishing, walking dogs etc. so if you are naked, then be fully prepared to be seen by the textiles as they walk the beach. We (myself, my wife and her best friend) frequenlty walk this beach naked and in several years have never had any problems with the textiles. You will 99.9% be the only one naked though. In the last 6 years I have only met 1 other person (male) who was sunbathing naked.

The eastern beach towards Penarth is totally different. Not suitable for swimming, but I have padleboarded (naked of course) lots of times on a calm day. It is a fantastic walk though, one of our favourite naked walks infact. We stash our clothes at the entrance to the beach and walk the full length of the beach to Penarth and back fully naked. Its a good 1.5hrs walk there and back, so can be savoured. Id say that we meet textile walkers on this beach walk about 40-60% of the time, so you need to be prepared and happy to be naked near textiles - its only ever 1 or two people, although I once encountered a group of about 10 ramblers comong the opposite way to me. To be fair, they were intregued and stopped for a 10 minute chat!

We write about our naked walks here:

Have fun and enjoy this amazing beach (preferably without clothes)
Dan Turner | 18-06-2024
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