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Monknash and Wick

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  • Authorized beach
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  • Sea
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It's been a while since the last review the beach is still fabulous, a fine mix of textiles and naked.
I've tried all 3 of the ways down and my own preference is to use the ladders. Parking at Dunraven Bay is £5 which is quite a sting even if it does give the shortest route to the beach. Using the ladders means free parking being able to remove all clothing within a few steps of leaving the roadside and enjoying a wonderful walk across wide open fields and through a Wheatfield. The ladders do require a degree of fitness & mobility but are still solid and feel quite safe (certainly not scary in any way), from there it's left to "the slabs" or right for a walk along to Temple Bay.
It really is an "unofficial" official naturist beach and if Bridgend council had anything about them they'd make it official and see tourism increase.
Paul | 14-07-2022
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Not the best location if your not reasonably fit for walking over large stones you best stick to sker beach.

However if you are then you have two car parking options 1st just down past the pub there is a field with an honestly box there from there its a butyfull walk down to the sea through woodland. Once at the sea turn right and head over to the rocky peninsula where you will meet the first of us nudies you can park ya bum there or go for a lovely walk over to the outher side of the peninsula where you can enjoy a walk all along the coast. I prefer to park up by the main road and walk down through the trees where if you like you can strip off straight away and walk down through the fields like nature intended HOWEVER once you reach the sea you will to need to go down the most risky set of stairs and cliff ladders around so pack light to keep both hands free. Once down your right onto the beach and rocky peninsula.
the people are very friendly and welcoming and the views are legendary. To sum it up not the best for disabled or kids due to location however best for friendly people no judgement on body size age race or sexual orientation and the views a must visit place if your just thinking of going free range or a seasonal nudie.
mike | 03-09-2021
This is absolutely the best beach for getting naked in south Wales!!!

So, I've been visiting this beach regularly for over thirty years now and I love the place!!!!! There is really easy parking in a nearby field (honesty box in operation) and the beach is a pleasant walk down a county lane and through a shaded wooded area which is absolutely beautiful. Once on the beach, turn right and walk along the sand for about twenty minutes and you'll doubtless see the area to settle. Once there, you'll find lots of flat rock areas to lay on (if you like that) or vast areas of sandy beach which obviously ebbs away as the tide comes in.

Honestly, this is a really friendly beach used by many regulars of both sexes and all ages. Occasionally you do get clothed walkers and fishermen down by the waters edge although the beach is so well known for naturists now that I've never had or witnessed any issues from them. Indeed, some clothed walkers even exchange pleasantries if, like me, you enjoy doing a naked walk.

Yes, for a couple of hours each day when the tide is at its highest, the beach is sometimes cut off from both side exit points although if you're able to time it right, you can happily enjoy the beach until the tide goes out again. If you do need to leave unexpectedly when the tide is completely in, there is an emergency ladder although this is probably best left for the fitter more confident user with little baggage.

With a great camping site and foody pub (Plough and Harrow, Monknash) just down the lane from this beach, what could be better?

So I'm not sure which beach the other reviewers visited, lol, but honestly, this place is a real treat!
Andy | 31-05-2021
A long walk from Wick, Monknash after you .park in the farmer's field down the lane from the Plough and Harrow pub.The layby about a mile away in the lane is dodgy, I had my wife's car broken into there once, No access at high tides so check them first. Even then you CAN cross the several fields from the layby- but will then have to negotiate the VERY SCARY ladders attached to the cliff to get down to the beach-not nice and dangerous! Yesterday I went by bus from Bridgend for a change, but had to leave early as the last one was due at 16,30 it never came and I had to walk the 6 miles back. Fuckers! Lucky another beach nudie spotted me and gave me a lift.
Onza beach itself there are only a few smooth slabs of rock to sunbathe on, and a constant worry of rock falls from the cliffs. The sea is always murky due to its position up the Severn estuary, Wear sandals or flip flops if you go wandering round the headland because the rocks are like razors. There are only a few little nooks to socialise out of sight and it's almost all gay. There are one or two old school naturist regulars but it's not an official nude beach, even so, one woman is a bit of a disapproving moaner, critical of anyone cruising or fiddling, yeah mind your own business luv. Not a great place but better than nothing-because there really is nothing else in the whole of south east Wales. Crap!
Dunehunter | 12-07-2020
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