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Monknash and Wick

A long walk from Wick, Monknash after you .park in the farmer's field down the lane from the Plough and Harrow pub.The layby about a mile away in the lane is dodgy, I had my wife's car broken into there once, No access at high tides so check them first. Even then you CAN cross the several fields from the layby- but will then have to negotiate the VERY SCARY ladders attached to the cliff to get down to the beach-not nice and dangerous! Yesterday I went by bus from Bridgend for a change, but had to leave early as the last one was due at 16,30 it never came and I had to walk the 6 miles back. Fuckers! Lucky another beach nudie spotted me and gave me a lift.
Onza beach itself there are only a few smooth slabs of rock to sunbathe on, and a constant worry of rock falls from the cliffs. The sea is always murky due to its position up the Severn estuary, Wear sandals or flip flops if you go wandering round the headland because the rocks are like razors. There are only a few little nooks to socialise out of sight and it's almost all gay. There are one or two old school naturist regulars but it's not an official nude beach, even so, one woman is a bit of a disapproving moaner, critical of anyone cruising or fiddling, yeah mind your own business luv. Not a great place but better than nothing-because there really is nothing else in the whole of south east Wales. Crap!

Cefn Sidan aka Pembrey Beach and Walk

Hell of a walk from the car parks, turn right on the beach about 2 miles to rock outcrop/old breakwater. signs warn 'No beach nudity!!' Dunes now eroded and impassible, all overgrown- so no walks through or hideaway spots any more, all on the beach which is storm bound and strewn with rubbish, deserted the last few times visited. At low water if you want a swim it's almost half way out the Bristol channel. Fishermen and textiles about and worry about leaving your clothes and valuables so far from the water's edge. It is no good any more, pity

Morfa Dyffryn

Great but the dunes are steep and exhausting, dolphins occasionally visit and I thought I'd go swim with them, but once in deep water started thinking that these were wild animals, and bigger and better swimmers than me, so bugger that. Pity it's so far from South Wales
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