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Marros Beach and Walk and Telpyn Beach

Lat: 51.734046 / Long: -4.627857
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Checked the tide as warned. 10-12 visitors at 4pm on an start of September week day.

Nice walk on coast path and turned to the beach. A very large and sandy leading to a gentle sea with small waves.

Sat on pebbles backing the beach to picnic and sunbath....
Andy R | 06-09-2023
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First time back at Marros for a couple of years.
As it seemed deserted, I stripped naked where the footpath joins the beach and walked to the far right feeling really liberated and frisky. Didn't spot two other single men sitting separately until I was close to them - both were very obviously aroused and uninhibited.
I chose a spot not a million miles away from them and enjoyed a quick swim in the sea - which was 'invigorating' to say the least. One chap strolled over as I was drying off and very kindly offered to lather a bit of sun lotion on me. Always a job to get those spots just out of reach of one's own hands! With a bit of added assistance from the other guy, they made a really excellent job and didn't miss a single millimetre of me.
A lovely day.
Norman V | 11-06-2023
Went to Marros Beach this afternoon with my boyfriend. We managed to drive halfway down the hill after turning down the road at the church.
The beach was empty when we arrived. We took a right and walked up towards the cliffs. The sun was shining but the breeze made it too chilly to strip off!
Will be returning tomorrow as the weather forecast is a warm, sunny afternoon.
Dominic MorganDominicm d | 06-07-2022
My first visit to Marros for a year or so. Gosh, hasn't the beach got pebbly!!
On a very hot day, there were very few people on the beach - I walked to the far right (from the path down from the church) and the only family was so far away that I was comfortable stripping off.
The sea was surprisingly warm and enjoyable and I was able to wander around at will completely naked.
As usual, a few other solitary men were around and happy to chat. One friendly chap massaged oil into me, which was a godsend as I am fairly pink (due to lockdowns/Covid).
A great day, marred only by the long walk back to Marros Church!!
Norman V | 20-07-2021
Returned to Marros Beach in early August on a sunny weekend.
Some families were in the centre part of the beach - right next to the pathway back to Marros Church. It is a very long beach and by going to the right, I was easily far enough away to be able to strip naked in the certain knowledge that they wouldn't be able to see.
There is so much space that I was able to wander about at will in the nude without any clothed people seeing me. The sea was lovely to swim in. Just bliss!
There were 7 or 8 other naturists (giving them the benefit of the doubt) in the same area. All middle-aged or older men. All singles. Every one of them came to chat to me at some stage and seemed happy for me to pass the time of day with them as I wandered about.
Another very enjoyable day and I heartily recommend this beach.
Norman V | 13-08-2020
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Although quite a walk from the car park at Marros Church - 20 minutes or so down to the beach and 30 minutes back (uphill) - this is a beautiful beach with masses of space and very few people.
I visited on a sunny weekday in late July 2020 and had most of the beach to myself, so could wander about as nature intended as well as swim in the sea. The sea slopes very gently and is an easy place to swim.
I turned right once on the beach and settled by the cliffs - but not too close as there is a danger of some rockfalls.
During my 5-6 hour stay, there were only 3 or 4 single men nearby (no couples) and none of those were the slightest bother, although one or two did wander across to say 'hello' and have a good look.
All in all, a very pleasant experience and one I'd be happy to repeat. It was a bit of a slog back to the car, so only carry essentials!!
Norman V | 05-08-2020
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