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The White House Club
Caterham, Surrey
+44 (0)7952 / 788 377

Lat: 51.281461 / Long: -0.078192
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Family naturist club for members only. Large house set in lovely grounds situated on the hilly North Downs.

Sorry, no casual visitors or camping.


  • London 18 Miles / 00:55


  • Open all year


  • Area (ha): 5
  • Cars on separate parking
  • Internet
  • WIFI / internet free


  • Fridge / freezer for communal use
  • Sauna
  • Swimming pool
  • Indoor pool
  • Tennis court

Food & Drink

  • Bar


  • Organized activities for adults
  • Drawing-, painting- or sculpting workshops


  • English spoken

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Pretty much the same as Brian Davey's report from the 28/11/22. I had been keen for my wife and myself to go to the White House club for a number of years. Finally, after much persuasion she agreed. We picked a glorious day during the summer when our kids were at school and decided to spend the morning there. She was understandably nervous, however, when we were walking in a nice (handsome) single guy started talking to her and her inhibitions melted away. She was soon comfortable enough to strip off with him and they went to the pool together, followed by the sauna all while I relaxed on the lawn. After a couple of hours I was reunited with my smiling wife, a nudist convert!
Steve L | 29-02-2024
My wife and I are both lifelong naturists and by chance we met a member of the White House Club at a naturist resort in France. She invited us to the Club as guests and would certainly have applied for membership if we lived a little closer, it is about 90 minutes from our home. It is without doubt the nicest and best appointed naturist club we have visited.
G&J | 17-06-2023
I had my first experience of social nudity at White House over 50 years ahem ago. I got interested in naturism at my all boys grammar school in Manchesterwhere we we were required to swim in the nude after gym class. i lived in Upper Norwood and when i found out about «White House arranged a visit. I was very nervous of course but after i arrived and saw a group of men and women sumbathing and relaxing completely naked all of them looking very comfortable with their nudity i decided to join them so i undressed and joined them in the nude it felt wonderful to feel so free and liberated. Fortunately my wife came with me on my next visit. She was a bit more hesitant but i knew she was ok when she was followed into the parking lot by a man on his own they undressed together and i was so happy to see my wife waliking down to the pool area with him both of them in the nude. We were both hooked and have been naturists ever since. We made friends with other couples at White House some of them very close friends indeed. we both love our naturist lifestyle i all its facets.
Brian Davey | 28-11-2022
Nice grounds, pool and club house. It's a nice place on the surface. Quite cliquey and too many men looking for hook-ups. Which is off-putting!
Camilla | 11-08-2021
A hidden gem! Amazing place. A little bit of paradise
Steve | 21-08-2019
We love the White House! Friendly people, lovely location and facilities. Their social events are legendary - well run and fun.
Sniper | 30-06-2016
Fantastic club friendly happy and exhilarating.
Ann | 11-09-2015
A lovely club in a lush English garden. Every one was very friendly and the accommodation, pool and sauna were first rate
M Langham | 29-03-2013
Qanda | 06-10-2011

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