Voidokilia Beach

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Voidokilia Beach

Lat: 36.956984 / Long: 21.670254
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Voidokilia beach is a superb horseshoe shaped inlet enclosing beautifully clear water that just begs to be swim in. The far left end of the beach near the headland is an accepted naturist area, the only intrusion being the coastal path that descends from the headland just behind the beach. Usually very quiet as there are no attractions/bars etc because of its relative isolation. Decent car parking with about 10 to 15 minutes walk around the bay to get to naturist area.


  • Open all year


  • Sea
  • Suitable for swimming
  • Suitable for children
  • Accessible by car

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Having visited Voidokilia twice it really is the most beautiful setting, the water is crystal clear and is protected from the heavier swell of the open sea by the two arms of the bay. Quiet and never crowded my wife loved to swim in the bay for long periods, it never gets really deep just watch some of the stones underfoot can be sharp. Parking is free but there are no facilities probably because there is not a huge amount of room for cars...the beach is at the end of a lane about 2kilometres off the main road. You need to bring food and drink with you.
It really is the most idyllic spot, we had a little naturist company with a couple from Norway who have been many times and a few local couples.
Will | 12-02-2018
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