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Telford Naturist Club
The Windings, Grange Lane
TF2 9PB Telford, Shropshire
+44 (0)1952/ 61 08 73

Lat: 52.699820 / Long: -2.413774
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One of the top naturist clubs in the UK open to visitors. Electric hook up pitches for all visitor caravans, motorhomes and campers. Free Wi-Fi recently upgraded to high speed and covers the complete site. Food and organised activities on many weekends. Licenced bar and club room. Heated indoor swimming pool, Jacuzzi, Sauna, Well maintained 23 acre woodlands with barbecue ponds and sunbathing area’s all in a safe naturist environment.


  • London 147 Miles / 03:11


  • Open all year


  • Area (ha): 15
  • Cars on separate parking
  • WIFI / internet


  • Fridge / freezer for communal use
  • Sauna
  • Swimming pool
  • Indoor pool
  • Jacuzzi

Food & Drink

  • Communal meals (one or multiple times a week)
  • Bar


  • Organized activities for children
  • Organized activities for adults
  • Petanque


  • Singles welcome
  • Pets allowed

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Absolutely wonderful place
People are so friendly. they have an aerobics excercise in the swimming pool on Sats and Sundays.
Over the years I have been many times, and I know by sight most members and am on nodding and chatting terms with them.

I am a married male who attends, discreetly, as my wife does not approve, nor will she join with me.
The rules have changed to attend the club in that it is all done through the internet now. I thought this was ok until I saw the 'TELFORD NATURIST CLUB' fee of £12.00, 2 to 3 times a month on my credit card record and bill.
I am a bit concerned about this.
Especially if i pop my clogs and the family see my paper trail. I do love the club and especially a skinny dip in the pool too.

TNC can we please go back to paying cash at the door.
Drew | 02-10-2023
Just like to say thanks to ALL the friendly people at TNC!! Had a wonderful time didn't want to leave Monday!!, already looking forward to my next visit hopefully sunny this time but the members I met made up for the weather altho I've forgot their names !!, I'm hopeless!! Lol, but met a few visitors too and nice to see some of the younger generation there too, altho it was only 2 jess and Kyle, but nice people!!, I got the feeling this is a proper naturists club ,don't get that feeling where I go at the moment, so I think a few Saturday visits on the cards for me if they'll have me!!??, I did behave myself!, well at 65 what else can I do lol, take my hat off to all the members and volunteers there, you've turned a coal mine into an oasis BRILLIANT!!!
Paul Gollicker | 17-07-2023
Excellent club, unfortunately the volunteers who take the bookings namely "RICHARD" double booked and this time (our fifth year at the club) we were shoved into an old caravan which had NO cooking facilities. We weren't told this until we had paid for10 days and unloaded our baggage. Fortunately the members rallied round and gave us an electric hot plate but we still had to eat out on most evenings. When we asked for a refund we got banned from the club. RICHARD had convinced the General Secretary that we were a nuisance couple and always complained.There were 2 other caravans unoccupied during our visit with gas and all mod cons, why weren't we offered one of them.?
Eddy and Sian
ED and Sian | 30-09-2019
We hired one of their caravans. The one we were given is badly situated right by the pool, showers and clubhouse. Isn’t that great you might think. No it isn’t! Trying to get to sleep at night you have noise from people outside the bar, people have to walk right past the caravan to get to everything. At midnight someone opened up the pool and were being really noisy and then a members caravan opposite let their dog out to bark it’s head off. Also found the members unfriendly and clicky. Won’t be going back.
S&SS | 05-08-2019
I've been on several occasions to TNC and have been impressed by the facilities. As a single it was also good value. Unfortunately prices for a single person are now very high. Single person tent was eight pounds, it's now a standard charge of nineteen for one or two people.
Paul Richards | 16-07-2019
Hello h&t. Were people naked for the nye party? The year we were there, we went for a sauna and came back in naked, expecting everyone else to strip as they were mostly in bathrobes and sarongs. However, comparatively few undressed, and not many were naked on the dance floor. Perhaps that’s what they objected to about us.
N and S | 02-04-2019
More reviews by N and S (2)
Hi we visited this club for New Years Eve may I say the Welcome received tremendous also the members made us feel very welcome the food on the evening was first class also was the mix of music played by the resident DJ we are already looking forward to new years eve and Welcome in the 2020
H&t | 21-03-2019
We (husband and wife) went there on a wonderful hot summer day and had an excellent time. Someone said we should come back for the New Year’s Eve party, so we did, but it wasn’t much fun, and no one seemed to be enjoying it. A few days later, we got a letter telling us not to come back. Strange. (We haven’t been back.)
N and S | 15-03-2019
More reviews by N and S (2)
My wife Helena assured me it was an unusual experience being nude in winter especially as where we usually go to at the same time particularly at Christmas it is the Southern Hemisphere summer., Her sister and husband belong to your club, and as they were staying for a few days around Christmas of 2017 suggested that Hella might care to join them which she did, The 4 of us have in 2010 and 2014 visited a Naturist holiday village in the South of France, so Helena and I are not new to Nudism. One thing I do like from whet I have read of your club, is allowing pets, something sadly we are unable to do at the camp site we go to..hence our beloved mad as a meat axe and totally adored Dachshund Bonnie has to be boarded for the time we are away. We live in the Waikato in New Zealand. Thank you, Regards Barry
Barry Durrant | 17-06-2018
Great place cheap food took the camper an few times love to be nude swimming and woodlands walks
A garbett | 04-10-2017
I felt I was being a bit of a pervert being there single having funny looks off couples.i would not recommend the place sorry
Kev | 25-05-2017
been going there for 8 years ,allways makes us welcome.very quiet and relaxing great food and wonderful warm swimming pool. woodlad walks are a must with lots to see and very well kept.
all campsite is very clean and is a credit to members.
simon and angela | 23-02-2017
Visited for three days in July and had an excellent time. Facilities very good, nice showers, lovely pool - heated and enclosed, bar with reasonable prices and pool table. After the bar closes you can always bring your own drink into the clubhouse at night. Cannot think of any criticism and will be definitely going again in 2017.
Lee Y | 30-10-2016
More reviews by Lee Y (5)
At first i thought this is the place for me, then after a few visits it started to come out of the wood work, if your face does not fit be off with you, they are a bunch of hypocrites , they tell you one thing but mean something different, like they do not mind genital jewelery, but then tell you to tone your jewelery down, ( how) either it is allowed or it is not, you can not go half way , and they are one big click, has i say if you do not fit then clear off, they are nothing else but two faced ????????, get a life the lot of you, stop spoiling it for Naturist who want be naturists no matter what they have attached to their bodies or on their bodies, does it matter, we are all the same above or under the skin, has i have said get a life
tom hughes | 26-09-2016
My husband and I decided on a whim to try this out and take our 3 year old daughter. We were a but nervous as we had never done anything like this before but we had an amazing time. Everyone was very welcoming and friendly, the weather was lovely, the pool was just perfect, and we will definitely be back again in the future. Massive thanks for making us feel so at ease
lori | 30-08-2016
Visited last September and hoped to get back sooner but ......So hopefully it will be this month. Last visit was naked from the off and only had to wear a dressing gown to go to the club as it was a bit chilly. Sitting in a bar full of people naked was quite surreal but absolutely fantastic.
Walked all around the site with my little dog and through the woods every day just freedom at its best. Everyone friendly and acknowledge's you. After 5 days had to get dressed and head home but think of the experience all the time so hopefully back very soon
David | 06-08-2016
I been a few times now and love the place hope to go back soon
Adam | 03-05-2016
We stayed last weekend,weather was not good though Saturday was a sunny day.Alan took us for a guided tour and a lovely walk in the woodland.We went for a dip in the outdoor pool.....FANTASTIC!!!!! Heated by a wood burner ????????????.Lovely clean toilets and shower block,burger and chips for £2!!!!!! Homemade cakes,filled rolls tea and coffee available.well stocked bar with inexpensive drinks????????????????????.everyone made us feel so welcome,if we lived nearer we would join
Sally Buck | 27-07-2015
This club is just the best and everything was just perfect. Well done to the members who work so hard to keep the site clean and tidy. We just wish we lived nearer in order to become members. Thank you to all the lovely people who made us welcome.
Ed and Sarn | 02-07-2015
Great place to go, my wife and I love walking through the woods naked.

The bar is very friendly
nick and tracey | 30-03-2015
this is my fav place to go to after a hard week at work. Its 2 hour drive for me and i love just pitching up and relaxing outside the caravan with a coffee. the whole site is out of this world spotless clean.
the pool is so warm and clean, the clubhouse has cheap drinks! and quizzes and kareoke at weekends....
will be back very soon.
steven lancashire | 27-03-2015
More reviews by steven lancashire (5)
Wonderful club with great, genuine people. I have found that many other clubs have a poor attitude to young folk such as myself, and often reject you a chance for a visit for no reason. TNC are always there with open arms and there never seems to be an issue. They are happy to have you and have always made me feel welcome. I am definitely going to seek membership. Facilities are excellent and the grounds are beautiful. I would advise anyone to visit: naturist or not!
Nick | 12-10-2014
the best naturist club wve ever been to great fun nice people great place .hope to be back soon
martin and phyllis | 18-09-2014
Had a lovely day here. Weather not great, but very impressed with grounds and facilities. First time in a club, but not last I hope. Woodland walk is particularly nice.
Graham | 07-09-2013
We went back for a visit a week ago but found it is not the freindly place it used to be .hardly anybody in the club bar area those that were there were all complaining about the management perhaps it will improve i hope so also the hedges around the perimiter have all been lowered and it can now be seen from the road . still a nice place though.
peter temple fry | 15-08-2013

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