Invicta Sun Club


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Address information

Invicta Sun Club
The Firs, Forge Lane
CT15 5DQ Sutton, Dover, Kent
Lat: 51.192093
Long: 1.338272


  • London 78 Miles / 01:48


  • INF / AANR card required
  • Area (ha): 2
  • Cars on separate parking


  • Swimming pool
  • Children's swimming pool


  • Organized activities for children


  • Suitable for children

Opinions and experiences of visitors with Invicta Sun Club

Is this a naturist club or a Nature wild life club ? Needs up grading .
Pam morrison | 25-12-2018
What a lovely naturist club, everyone is so friendly and welcoming. The pool is very well maintained and perfect for cooling off when the sun is out. On my first visit I fell in love with the place and have been a member ever since.
Nicola | 10-02-2018
First visited Invicta a few year ago, they made us so welcome my partner and I decided to join where we now spend most weekends and some weekdays.
Steve | 29-03-2017
Been a member since 1970. The best paradise in the world. Pay us a visit
Richard | 15-02-2017
The first club I ever visited, and therefore somewhere I'll always remember.

That was a long time ago though, so things may have changed. When I was there the place had no mains electricity - the only location in the grounds with a power supply was the club house, which was driven by a huge diesel generator - everything else (including lighting in the cabins) was done by bottled gas.

If you know the right public footpaths to follow you can get here easily by public transport from Martin Mill railway station as long as you're not burdened with too much luggage.

Things may have changed in the last twenty years, but I can certainly say that I was warmly welcomed here whenever I visited.
Rob Candlish | 24-09-2009
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