Carolina Foothills Resort


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Carolina Foothills Resort
90 Carolina Foothills Drive
SC 29323 Chesnee
(864) 461-2731

Lat: 35.173657 / Long: -81.962869
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  • Open all year


  • Society
  • Area for tents
  • Area for caravans
  • Area for campers
  • WIFI / internet free


  • Swimming pool
  • Jacuzzi


  • English spoken
  • Suitable for children

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My experience was great people super friendly can't wait to be there soon again and like to know when is the big open of the year
Walter Viquez | 19-03-2023
I loved this place. You need to remember it is a co-op, so the board members change every year or two. I wrote a letter to the board to press assault charges on a board member of the board grabbing me. He said he never touched me and it was dropped. I got kicked out for disrespecting a board member. It can be a good place but you don't know when the board changes. Other places aren't co-op so you don't have to worry about rules changing with the clicks.
Bonnie | 31-10-2022
i visited CFR several times. it is a great place for free naturist people. a lot of activities like 5km run, volleyball in the pool etc.
Ofer Meiri | 23-04-2019
Freedom very nice experience
Monico jacobo | 17-07-2018
This place was great. Everyone there made you feel like family. All the grounds and faculties were kept immaculately clean. There was people of all ages and professions and the staff was always there to make sure your visit was comfortable. I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a naturalist getaway.
David Sawyer | 15-07-2018
great was 1st time, never knew it would feel so great to be outside nude with a lot of people around, will surely not be my last time to visit. hoping that I will be able to return real s0on for another visit. Makes me want to stop wearing cl0thes all the time.
Tom | 05-05-2018

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