Plage des Lays


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Plage des Lays
Lat: 46.857141
Long: -2.146725



  • London 525 Miles / 09:16

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Still super! Huge beach, very quiet, nothing to detract from enjoying a great naturist experience. Enjoyed searching for sea glass and lovely walks.
Will | 16-08-2018
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Super beach.... usually very quiet. Plenty of little nooks in the dunes to pitch seats just the odd person going past...none intrusive. Good parking almost on beach then about 300 metres along beach to naturist section. August 2017.
Will. | 09-02-2018
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Plenty of naturists around when we visited late July 2014. Lots of dunes behind the beach with one or two "observers" but not intrusive. Lovely open beach.
Crinkly63 | 15-03-2015
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We were only people amd several people were staring!
Darren Hosany | 31-10-2014

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