We are also curious about your experiences with the naturist accommodation and/or locations you have visited in Verenigde Staten. Please let us know!

Sandy terraces

Very friendly people and clean place.
I am looking forward to going back this summer.
Jon | 27-04-2024

Sandy terraces

very friendly people. The grounds are well maintained and the pool area has lots of room. The pond area beach is small
Dennis | 09-03-2024

Sunny Sands Resort

I have been going to Sunny Sands Resort for a few years now and absolutely love it. The staff is always very friendly and really go out of their way to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Keep in mind this is a remote location, a rustic environment.....
Shannono King | 10-02-2024

Sunny Sands Resort

My concerns was brought to your staff within just a few hours of me and my husband coming to your resort no one called me until the next day. On our first evening at your resort we went to the pool area the hot tub was shut down and no one could give.....
Sylvia Mcerlane | 02-10-2023

Pen-Mar Club

The best clothing optional resort on the east coast
Janice | 17-09-2023

Valley View Recreation Club

Brenda made my 1st public opening a very enjoyable outing even though it was cool out can't wait to get back
Michael | 09-09-2023

Kaniksu Ranch

It's a beautiful club, way up into the mountains and away from society. Lovely lodge and great hiking trails. Their cafe is open Saturday for breakfast and dinner and Sunday breakfast or lunch
Thank for the great time
Tracy Shaw | 30-07-2023

Edun Lake

WoW Beautiful Place Love the Nude nice nice the lady's WoW the older the better for me
E mail me
Tony | 09-07-2023

Sunshower Country Club

Use to be a nice place when we first became members. The members were and are awesome, made a lot of friends there. The owners on the other hand are money hungry, the don't care about the members at all.
When we got there they needed to add 10 lots.....
Kurt | 08-07-2023

Las Vegas Naturists

Fantastic! Wife and I loved it! Enjoyed the sun, water volleyball, and all the nice people!

Highly recommend a visit!
Love the pool!
Mark & Lisa | 22-06-2023

Sunny Haven Recreation Park

Had great time there but last year people own a dog name tank have now control of him he tried attacking our dog and today attacked a cat in the park should not allow pitfalls like him in park very pissed about it hope they leave it home
Pat Murphy | 08-05-2023

Mountaindale Sun Resort

Won’t visit any place that does not welcome all races, cultures. Waving the confederate flag screams DO NOT VISIT!
Total inclusion | 02-04-2023

Carolina Foothills Resort

My experience was great people super friendly can't wait to be there soon again and like to know when is the big open of the year
Walter Viquez | 19-03-2023

Naturists of Southwest Florida

Nude beach and Club here in Naples.
Pablo Curley | 12-03-2023

Edun Lake

My experience with Edun Lake, My wife and I were at the resort, and the owner was walking around with a MEGA hat on. Made my wife very uncomfortable. She did not want to return. I returned by myself, paid admission fee, I got half way crossed the resort.....
Horace Hill | 07-02-2023

Carolina Foothills Resort

I loved this place. You need to remember it is a co-op, so the board members change every year or two. I wrote a letter to the board to press assault charges on a board member of the board grabbing me. He said he never touched me and it was dropped. I.....
Bonnie | 31-10-2022

Mountaindale Sun Resort

Easy going pace with great people. Hot tubs and sauna after a great hike with views of the valley floor. Swimming in the summer and sun. Activities, monthly potlucks. This late July there's even a sports competition with all sorts of categories of games.....
Liz N | 13-07-2022

Suwannee Valley Resort

stayed there numerous times over about 10 years, but not a member. the owners have constantly improved the property and they even have a pickleball court now.
the owners are extremely patriotic, lots of flags and honor to servicemen and first responders......
Steve Reedberry | 25-05-2022

Mountaindale Sun Resort

Would NEVER recommend anyone to join or visit. This is a very small minded club with their own rules and Bylaws which they follow when it suits their purpose. Be wary of smiles from board members... what lurks behind that smiling mask?
Cynthia Morgan | 14-11-2021

Forty Acre Club

Good people. Was nervous but they made me feel well come.. it was awesome.... forgot I was nacked !!!
Brent Hughes | 30-09-2021

Sandy terraces

The first time I went to Sandy Terraces it was like a party with both women and men with a real social atmosphere. Yesterday there were all males for the most part in there 60's or 70's and no party atmosphere. I was very disapointed.
m | 26-08-2021


Idk they won't let single father's in even with my kids which it being a family center I find odd divorce happens ya know. And as it being the only one in state that's open to heteros it doesn't leave much options. Odd this state has 3 male gay nudist camps thou.
William Moran | 24-06-2021
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