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Solway Sun Club
Mampas Wood, The Knells
CA64JH Carlisle

Lat: 54.937572 / Long: -2.908802
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  • London 313 Miles / 05:12


  • 1 April until 1 October


  • INF / AANR card required
  • Area for tents
  • Area for campers
  • Area (ha): 8
  • Number of places: 28
  • Rental accommodations
  • Cars on separate parking


  • Sauna
  • Swimming pool


  • English spoken

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I have visited on several occasions, and love the place.
It is extremely quiet and peaceful - on occasions I have been the only person on site! - and the woodland location is idyllic - tho flying insects can be a bit of a pain at the height of Summer! The wood-fired sauna is a definite bonus on a wet day.
The facilities are quite basic and, tbh, would benefit from a bit of updating (it's a bit like going back in time 50 years!), but as long as you are prepared for this, there is no reason not to enjoy your stay. Be aware the place is completely off grid, and wifi is only available in/near the clubhouse, and phone reception is not the best - which adds to the peace, but not ideal if you need to be in regular touch with work or family. Don't expect a lively, activity-packed stay; I've never known it to be really busy, and there is no bar, shop or organised activities - be sure to take your own drinks/snacks! - but the members are friendly if not numerous, and I have made a couple of good friends there.
The rental vans are a little 'well-loved', but clean and comfortable, with all the basics - and one of them accepts dogs, which not many places do.
The location is a little hard to find - but still very convenient for Carlisle and the surrounding area - and only just off the motorway.
Anthony | 08-02-2024
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Hi me and my partner have been here a few times now and love it the camp is lovely and the people are really friendly and helpful love the pool and nature walk can’t wait to get back it’s so relaxing ????
Me and Anne | 31-07-2023
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Solway sun club is my go to happy place ! Relaxing / quiet and private. The facilities are great.
Kevin Kerr | 02-06-2023
had a great day on the 5th oct day visit realy enjoyed it thanks ian and gillian for been a great couple realy nice people great chat weather was not to cold but its oct and sauna was a great feature and the nature walk was nice thanks again as arnold scharzengger says i be back
steve | 06-10-2019
Paul and Karen recently visited Solway sun club. It was a great experience. It was karens first time and was relaxed and happy. We experienced a lovely group of people and a lovely site. Blessed with warm weather and some sunshine..
Paul Bell | 07-07-2019
Hi Dougie

Hope to have a nice experience when me and my partner visit. | 22-08-2016
The person saying a possible negative was no mains electricity? For one, it's an eco-site so it's generators and two the club house and van 1 do have mains electricity. Van 2 is only £8 a night, to expect mains electricity for that price when the cables haven't been laid to get there yet (when the money comes in, it will) is a little self- indulgent.

Anyway, it's a lovely place, hoping to go again soon, lots of brilliant tourist attractions and farms shops (and a polish food shop in Carlisle opposite the castle) to get top notch organic food close by too.

Very welcoming people, and the big meals they offer to all most weekends are lovely and very generous. They opened the pool just for us and put the sauna on the second time of the visit even though there weren't many people there at the time.

They bend over backwards to ensure everyone who stays gets just the holiday they want :) highly recommended.
Arishikina | 25-03-2015
Thank you so much. I really enjoyed myself and will call next time I'm passing. Everyone I met was so welcolming and friendly. Loved it all especially the individual privacy and the woods. Covered pool and sauna can only be used on the weekend's which was a pity.
Jeff | 19-09-2014
We really enjoyed our visit. A great site, great facilities and a very welcoming group of members. We hope to be back again soon.
David | 02-09-2013
We enjoyed our stay very much and intend to return. The club members made us very welcome and included us in their activities(if we wanted to join in) making us feel relaxed.
The facilities were very clean. If I had any criticism it would be that there was no mains Electric but there was so many other plus factors that this was hardly even a inconvenience.
Thanks again Solway Sun Club.
RMac | 22-07-2013
lovely relaxing club with very friendly people.thank you for your hospitality on our our first visit. we will be back
Willie & Ros | 24-07-2012
very friendly people and made my stay a very pleasant experience
John hind | 12-03-2012

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