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Address information

Centre Hélio-Marin Montalivet
46, Avenue de l'Europe Vendays Montalivet
F-33341 LESPARRE - Medoc
+33(0)556 73 73 73
Lat: 45.363574
Long: -1.153821


  • London 627 Miles / 10:49


  • Area (ha): 200
  • Number of places: 573
  • Rental accommodations
  • Cars on separate parking
  • Internet
  • Adapted toilets for disabled
  • WIFI / internet


  • Sauna
  • Swimming pool
  • Children's swimming pool
  • Tennis court

Food & Drink

  • Restaurant
  • Bar
  • Shop
  • Fresh bread for sale
  • Takeaway meals


  • Organized activities for children
  • Organized activities for adults


  • Dutch spoken
  • English spoken
  • German spoken
  • French spoken
  • Pets allowed

Opinions and experiences of visitors with Centre Hélio-Marin Montalivet

Racist staf speak excellent English ibut only if a white person is present. Otherwise they jointly pretend not to understand a word.
Rob | 25-08-2019
More reviews by Rob (2)
This is our third visit and it is getting better. There were far less clothed people than in previous years.
We have two concerns.
1. The showers are (at best) warm at worst.... brrrr!
2. Some noise in night from campers returning in early hours. and noise from the beach most nights / early morning
Pitches are very sandy but generally this is an excellent site, great pools, lots of activities, very clean facilities.
Mel | 06-09-2018
More reviews by Mel (6)
We stayed here with our camping car in Summer 2016.
Is a great site with lots of activities and facilities. It's very large and has two pools both are excellent. There are a range of shops and restaurants. Cycling is easy and there are some great paths in the area. The pitches can be very sandy and its easy to get stuck!
Our only problem is that it is more clothing optional than naturist. Even though it was the height of summer about 1/4 of guests were clothed for much of the time. Many of the activities seem to be clothed as well which gives the OK for others to be.
There's quite a lot of children/teenagers many are fully clothed all the time and they tend to congregate (loiter as teenagers do!) It's understandable but sometimes makes it feel like a textile site. Pools are totally naturist.
Mel | 14-10-2016
More reviews by Mel (6)
We went this year all the facilities were first class the shower/toilet blocks were nice and modern and cleaned at least twice daily
Andrea Meuring | 22-09-2016
We have been going to CHM since 1987. For us, it is the best Naturist site, and we have tried quite a few.

We started staying in mobile homes and gradually moved to bungalows and bought our own bungalow in 1999.

The atmosphere in CHM is special, we relax totally within 30 minutes of arriving. It is the size of a medium town (circa 12,000 people in high season) and as such you have to make an effort to be a part of what is happening; no-one is coming to find you.

We have found it to be safe for our children; from a very early age we could tie their name badges onto their wrists and let them off. There are so many activities for them to do; we would always have the morning to ourselves as the staff were looking after them at football, surfing, archery, crafts or whatever.

We tend to use the site shower blocks as it is much quicker for the family; even now with the two of us we still go to the shower block. Expect them to be crowded at peak time in peak season, c'est la vie.

We have found it to be the only large site where you can feel comfortable going nude all day, to the shops, the restaurants, the reception.

We love the fact that you cannot pay music that can be heard by anyone else. we love that nudity is enforced.

In a word - Superb.
Willie & Mary | 11-07-2015
We stayed in 2014 and the place was fair, this year in 2015 a total disaster and we will never go back. The booking system and pitch control are a joke, the toilet and shower cleaning very poor, overflowing bins, noise, dirt, you name it. We stayed in the camper van area on hardstanding but the remaining pitches are basically dirty soft rutted sand. The only thing in its favor are excellent shops and restaurants, but you can get these on much better sites. Don't waste your money!
STEVE DENYER | 03-07-2015
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Expensive, no atmosfere, long hot walk to pools like the suburbs of Birmingham without the rain.
George Elliot | 16-01-2015

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