Kaniksu Ranch


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Kaniksu Ranch
4295 N Deer Lake Road
WA 99148 Loon Lake
(509) 233-8202

Lat: 48.150799 / Long: -117.542775
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  • Area for tents
  • Area for caravans
  • Area for campers


  • Swimming pool
  • Jacuzzi


  • English spoken
  • Suitable for children

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I was not at all impressed. Geographically, it is in a nice area. The clubhouse was more suited to a trailer park than a "resort" and everything just seemed run down and shoddy. The clubhouse upstairs (where there are rooms you can rent) wood floor was in need of serious refinishing work. The overnight rooms are just that; rooms with a bed and a couple chairs. There is one bathroom for the upstairs. The upstairs common area featured several boxes of old board games, like you would find at the local Goodwill. The whole place had a very 1970s feel to it, and not in a cool retro way. The "cafe" hardly deserves that moniker. There is a kitchen in the clubhouse, and members take turns as volunteer cooks. It is NOT a restaurant in the commonly accepted sense of the word. Finally, YES! I know that nudist resorts are not the same as swinger resorts, but unless you want to hang out with a group where the average age is north of 75, go somewhere else.
NorthwestDoc | 18-06-2024
It's a beautiful club, way up into the mountains and away from society. Lovely lodge and great hiking trails. Their cafe is open Saturday for breakfast and dinner and Sunday breakfast or lunch
Thank for the great time
Tracy Shaw | 30-07-2023
This was the worst experience my wife and I have ever had. We've been to lots of resorts all over the country. My wife had a medical issue that required her to wear bathing suit bottoms. We entered the pool and as soon as she went in, 4 different people started screaming at us from all over the place to get out because of the swim suit bottoms. My wife was horrified and embarrassed. Being screamed at by a bunch of old dudes who were clearly watching our every move was disturbing. I highly recommend that unless you're a member and know all of the old people there already, that you do not step foot in this place.

I've never had such a thing happen to me in all my years at any nudist resort. They could have quietly asked us to get out of the pool but instead they decided to embarrass my wife and left her crying.

These are the type of people that will eventually turn younger people away from naturism. We were the youngest people there (35) by at least 25 years. We promptly left and will never return.

I suggest you heed my warning and do the same unless you want to be stared at and scolded by 90 year old men because of a medical condition.

Good riddance.
Steve | 24-07-2018

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