Sunshower Country Club

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Sunshower Country Club
3263 Mattie Harris Road
IN 47330 Centerville
(765) 855-2785

Lat: 39.786014 / Long: -84.982589
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  • Open all year


  • Area for tents
  • Area for caravans
  • Area for campers


  • Swimming pool


  • English spoken
  • Pets allowed
  • Suitable for children

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Use to be a nice place when we first became members. The members were and are awesome, made a lot of friends there. The owners on the other hand are money hungry, the don't care about the members at all.
When we got there they needed to add 10 lots 6yrs ago, now they have 20 open lots. They closed the hot tub (cost to much to fix ) they won't upgrade the electric to accommodate the newer camper that require 50amp ( cost to much to upgrade) and the meters don't read correctly. The won't hire a professional grounds crew they expect members to volunteer for everything (cost to much) the roads are gravel not in the best of shape and they won't pave them ( cost to much)
If something does go wrong they bandaid it to a quick fix hoping it will hold. They have no sewer for most of the camp, use to be all of the sites,(cost to much to upgrade). In the 6 yrs we were there I believe there were 3 increased in membership or lot rent. They say they are going to do things at the beginning of the season and never do.
If you enjoy music at the pool like other clubs , you won't find it here. They do like to spend most of the winter in Florida though ??Maybe it's me but people go to or become members at a resort to enjoy the amenities and relax and not have to work or have nothing to show for the money they pay in fees. As far as the members go 5 star. Never had a bad time with the members, a lot of good laughs and memories. Hopefully someone would be willing to step in and buy it. Would hate to see a 64 yr old resorts to to waste over greed!
Kurt | 08-07-2023

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