Sunny Sands Resort


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Sunny Sands Resort
499 Alfa Parkway
FL 32180 Pierson
(386) 749-2233

Lat: 29.249638 / Long: -81.441187
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  • Area for tents
  • Area for caravans
  • Area for campers
  • WIFI / internet free


  • Swimming pool

Food & Drink

  • Restaurant
  • Bar


  • English spoken

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I have been going to Sunny Sands Resort for a few years now and absolutely love it. The staff is always very friendly and really go out of their way to make your stay as comfortable as possible. Keep in mind this is a remote location, a rustic environment within native Florida forest with charming and clean facilities. If you are expecting 5G high speed internet for watching TV or Gaming than you will definitely not be happy. I have never really understood why people go away to visit new locations and spend so much time with TV and gadgets, just my opinion. If you are wanting to get away and enjoy a quiet natural environment around some new and welcoming naturist faces, than you'll love it. There is no more bar or restaurant so plan ahead and bring your food and beverages with you. It is slow and peaceful, and that is a refreshing change from the hussle and bustle and suits me just fine.
Shannono King | 10-02-2024
My concerns was brought to your staff within just a few hours of me and my husband coming to your resort no one called me until the next day. On our first evening at your resort we went to the pool area the hot tub was shut down and no one could give me a definite time frame when it was going to get fixed I spoke to Carol at the gate the next day Carol did not have a time frame when it was going to be fixed so therefore the amenities that was included in my package was not provided. Also I brought it to your staff's attention Carol about the cable being down The first night that we were at the resort and periodically the 4 days that we stayed here at your resort The cable kept going in and out so therefore that amenity was not provided as well. On the first day Tom and I both requested to your staff at the restaurant / bar that we wanted a refund we brought it to management's attention on Saturday the 30th and was told that we could not get a refund but only credit I think this is not acceptable we brought it to the staffs attention as well as management within a 24-hour period of arrival and we should have been able to got a refund so we could have went somewhere else rather than staying in your resort that was not up to par and accommodating us 100% with our amenities .your management team suggested Saturday the 30 a credit instead of a total refund I feel this was unacceptable I requested Carol at the gate to have you call me on Saturday which she said the accounting office would call me back and I never received a call from the accounting office manager I am still waiting for a decision on this I expect nothing less than a refund on my credit card.this was a total waste of my time and money I expect either the accounting office manager or the owner of this resort to reach back out to me and let's resolve this issue
Sylvia Mcerlane | 02-10-2023

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