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Camping Cala del Aceite

Aciete is not the easiest camp to find, my TomTom tried to take me to a closed off side entrance.
Paying and booking in during busy times is not always a joy, with large queues and fairly slow service, Most people are wanting to camp in the textile area at that time. Inside the Naturist zone, which is cut off from the textile area is a very pleasant almost garden setting with plenty of space for camping. There is a Bar and free WiFi near the bar but the main focal point is the pool, steam room and jacuzzi. These are open until midnight; children are not admitted at this time. Clean showers and toilet blocks round of the camping facilities. Just outside the camp is a steep walk down to a small naturist beach. Many other textile beaches are nearby. Conil is a long walk or short bike ride away.
A nice place to be if a little pricey.

El Templo del Sol

Possibly the best Naturist beach in Spain with its own campsite.
The facilities are excellent. We found the receptionist rather grumpy, otherwise this is an excellent if rather expensive site.
Our Motorhome would only fit on a site at €50+ a night with a minimum of 5 nights.
The pool is outstanding, the trains can be irritating. There is a reasonable shop and more than one restaurant. Last time we visited in the high season, all night parties on the beach left something to be desired. The footpath for campers is side by side with none naturists walking to the beach, which is interesting.
The price has now meant it is unlikely that we will return any time soon.

Camping Naturista El Portús

I have visited this site many times and do not recognise some of the comments made by others who must have had some bad days.
As a Motorhomer, we have found the site very friendly with everyone greeting you and making you feel welcome. The little shop is limited but certainly carries all or most things you could need. They will also get in things that you specifically request. There are one or two areas for dining according to the time of year. Food is average but enjoyable and at a reasonable price. In the off season if you carry an ACSI card, the camp prices are equal to most Municipal camp charges.
The pool is large and clean in a wonderful setting.
The sea is almost always a little warmer here owing to the warm surrounding rocky mountains.
Two negatives, the beach is mainly stone and I need to wear beach shoes. Maintenance, often ill thought out. Toilets invariably closed at peak times for cleaning and broken components too often bodged together. At peak season, the entertainment can be quite loud around the beach area... well into the night.

Camping Naturista & Bungalows Almanat

We have visited and re-visited this site for several years, pinning down a reason is not always easy.
We love nearby Torre de Mar, we like the people who are there, both staff and year on year residents and visitors. Last year there was a fire nearby and the way we were treated by the management was incredible. We were all treated to a meal and free drinks which lasted for many hours. This treatment of guests certainly cemented a degree of loyalty but I am still not sure of the attraction. The beach? Perhaps. The toilet block! perhaps that is it, always spotless and being cleaned... no it cannot be that. It must be the whole package, nothing off the map but everything that suites us; that's it!

Naturistische Natuur Camping en B&B El Zorro

Excellent place with only the road in (and out) to fluster even the most delicate chicken.
Miles of walks, lovely people and enough space to forget the whole world. More often than not, the pool is yours alone.
Excellent toilet and sanitary facilities built to evident Dutch standards.
Some collective evening meals and a Bar wherever you might want to find it. For motorhomers you only pay for the electricity you use, which makes a nice change to some other sites.
This place gets a gold star from me, only tainted by the dust from the road in.

Centro Naturisto Sierra Natura

After negotiating the sharp bends in the road from Moixent, the description for locating the campsite is very easy.
What an absolute delight this place is, set amongst hills and streams with so many private little hideaway camping spots, it is difficult to fault the place. Carmella provides food for their restaurant every day in their fairy tale setting of organically formed concrete buildings and swimming pool. All built by hand, literally, with Diegos artistic flair. Needs to be seen to be believed. Many marked out countryside walks begin and end here where there is no dress code to be considered.
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