Reviews by John

Lakeside Naturist Holiday Resort

While hating to break with the general tenor of the reviews I was disappointed with Lakeside and cut short my stay. The grass is littered with the droppings from ducks and geese that inevitably gets puddled into the tent, the Jacuzzi is so heavily dosed with chlorine that it bleaches one's skin (say goodbye to the hard earned all-over tan!) and the shower/toilet facilities are very basic. Tony the host does try to make one welcomed, a welcome slightly spoiled by a lecture as to "inappropriate" behaviour - a presumption as to it being required.
All in all the poor standard that required me to move on was a great inconvenience.

Candy farm camp site

If you like very basic and scruffy this is the place for you - the so called shower area is open to the elements (and the wind can certainly get up across the flat plain, the lavs are essentially holes in the ground and you will find yourself camping surrounded by old rotting piles of pallets.
The best thing about it are the views and the peace and quiet.
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