Reviews by Baz

Lakeland Outdoor Club

One of the best periods of my life was being a long time member of LOC. Miss the lovely folks, peace and beauty. Must visit next season 2018. Only 330 miles from my beloved Springwood, no problem!

Springwood Sun Club

Having just read the review stating Springwood have no toilet emptying facilities I must correct this as new facilities are now available.

Springwood Sun Club

Being present at Prested Hall naturist swim yesterday evening 8/11/15 and having my usual lovely and revitalizing session amongst other likeminded souls I'm somwhat perplexed and shocked having read Allie Passfield's anguised first experience at the same venue? This must be rectified as I personally can't understand and have never experienced this type of "bad manners" I know Springwood's meet and greet person Wendy is now very unhappy as she did wait to meet Allie at reception but never saw or was told she's arrived later than expected. Wendy always strives as I hope all Sprinwood members do to make new faces feel at ease and part of our naturist family. Out of 59 people who attended 10 we're Springwood members so I can only say it's a shame and ask Allie to give us another chance please! Great venue, superb value, kept nice and warm, very efficient and friendly staff, reasonably priced and varied menu in well appointed reastaurant - clothing optional, etc, etc.
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