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Aparthotel Monte Marina

Lat: 28.078077 / Long: -14.299831
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wi fi : It was only 10 euro for 7 days this week with the reception being excellent.
The Sauna is open and free everyday from 3pm to 6 pm. This is a lifesaver when the wind is blowing and the sun is absent.
Bring a warm tracksuit or 2 if you visit this time of year, the apartments have no heating and in bad weather they are cold. quality is very good just a shame you cannot buy a coffee (or anything else) in the naturist area.
There is a good spar shop just across the road from the apartments.
alan taylor | 28-02-2016
Nice apartment, no sun on terrace ,bit like being in a cellar.
restaurant good, and staff amazing. Pool freezing which was a shame . They could afford a solar panel with the rip off wifi charges (8 euros for 2 hours hohoho) Probably go again
Frank Tebbit | 16-02-2015
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